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Переходник для удлинения кабелей
Подробное описание
Переходник для удлинения кабелей
The powerCON Coupler for linking cables, one side with NAC3MPA (power in) and the other side with NAC3MPB (power out)
The powerCON is a locking 3 conductor equipment AC connector with contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact. It replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection.
Attention: The powerCON is a connector without breaking capacity, i.e. the powerCON should not be connected or disconnected under load or live!

Features & Benefits
Lockable 3-pole equipment (AC) connector with contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating safety ground.
High current capacity, rated at 20A / 250V ac
Fast and easy locking system
Extremely robust and reliable
Excellent cable retention
VDE and SEV approved

Подробное описание
Разъем 1 powerCON
Разъем 2 powerCON
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